The beauty of flower is fleeting, but their hidden meanings are everlasting. Effloresce aims to capture this abstract, fragile ideas of flowers in a tangible form of art and design.

The Language of Flowers


Express yourself through the language of flowers with Effloresce’s carefully crafted accessories and creative floral-themed designs.

yesterday's flowers are today's dream

Handcrafted Florals

Effloresce offers a variety of classic floral-themed designs, accessories, and decor. Custom flowers and designs can also be requested.

a flower like no other

Custom Designs

Each flower speaks of different meanings. Should you find no design that speaks to you, Effloresce is happy to take custom design orders that is unique to you and only you.

in joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friend

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「 言わぬが花 」unspoken words are the flowers of silence

Speaking through flowers

Floriography is the art of communication through flowers. The meaning and intent may differ based on the flower type and color. It can be the thoughts that can't be put into words, or feelings that can't be explained. Regardless, the language of flowers gives a deeper meaning to the flower.When you find yourself unable to speak, flowers may help you get your message across.


「苦の娑婆や桜が咲けば咲いたとて」a world of grief and pain, flowers bloom, even then.

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Seasonal Designs

「りょうてにはな 」happiness is to hold flowers in both hands


Have a custom flower bouquet for a special someone or a meaningful accessory you need designed?
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「りょうてにはな 」happiness is to hold flowers in both hands


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